At A Store

I was at a store in a Mall and there was this lady who was in the men perfume section promoting aftershave, and other creams for men. I was passing by and she offered to give me a message and demo her products. I had free time and was busy without business so I agreed.
She put me on a chair and made me fell comfortable and she put some moisturize type cream and covered my face with a wet warm towel (We were having small take while all this was happening). After 2 min she took the towel out wiped my face clean and i felt good. and i was in a state of bliss when i say that her **** were erect and puffed and she gave me a smile. One of those smiles which meant, i know what you are looking at and i bet you like it. She kept the conversation going and did not mind me looking at her breast. I was so close breast that i could see the curve and pimples on her breast through her cloth.
For some stupid reason, I did not complement her. I don't know, should i have complemented her? I did purchased some of the products she was demoing. I went back after few weeks but did not find her.
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2 Responses Feb 8, 2012

Better off not saying anything.

Looks like you need to work on your English writing skills.

Sounds like a pleasant experience for the both of you. Any lady who enjoys being seen appreciates knowing that you enjoy it as well.

No, not really.