Do Pre-teen **** Count?

As mentioned in past stories, I started developing very young. I had **** and I knew at a young age (from watching movies) they were to my advantage! :)

anyways, I once was at a county fair and they had water games at the fair and I was about 14 years old or so and a bunch of my friends wanted to go splash water around. We had our great fun and we were completely soaked from head to toe (but it didnt matter much because it was summer time, hot!) anyways, after we were done, we were walking around and a few of us ended up buying white tshirts to change into. a few of us decided to go to the bathroom and decide if we should go completely braless in public and my friend Abby and I decided YES! If i remember correctly, it was my "first" real time going around without a bra and we just put our wet bras and shirts in the bags from the store and walked around the fair in our fitted white shirts. Anyways, of course it starts to get darker and colder so my teen nipples were showing. Abby was making fun of me so I put my hair in front of my boobs. We were walking around the fair with my nipples popping out and I noticed a few guys checking my young **** out!
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I can't tell you how horny this makes me. Add if you ever come back.

pre teen is the best..m

I got hard just thinking about you.

Haha... Cute story. I notice you didn't say you covered up much even back then.

Looking at the fruit growing on the tree is not a crime it's when we try to sample

Absolutely! I am an equal opportunity breast admirer. And I don't discriminate. But don't worry, I won't drool. But I certainly do love puffy nips :)

that's why I go to the fair

Counts and wish I had been there to see your little nipples popping through your shirt. Nothing like seeing young nipples popping up.

Yes Heather. Teen **** always count!

Mmm mk lol

forget just checking you out... i'm sure i would have been stroking myself if i'd see this...