Its not that I hate bras, they can be sexy and erotic...I dont find them uncomfortable.
But being braless and revealing your breasts and nipples is just down right sexy!
NYGirl73 NYGirl73
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yes it is,and I love it when I can fondle a braless breast thro' a t-shirt!

I SO agree.!
Its a wonderful sight to behold!

I love braless. Still bras can be VERY sexy... It all depends on the woman being sexy and knowing what to do with what she has... and variety is wonderful!

It is down right sexy. In fact, they complete any wardrobe. Think about it. If you were wearing a t-shirt without a bra and you see someone else wearing the same t-shirt with a bra...who do you think people will think is more sexy? That's why I say, it's not the clothes that make a girl look beautiful, it's the girl that makes the clothes look beautiful. A cami on a girl wearing a bulletproof bra is not going to get the same reaction from a girl that's braless. A cami is just a cami, until sexy is as sexy does.

i think girls should be free to show their breasts and nipples, is what men like and is what also women appreciate

this one photo is sexy I bet the rest are sexer thow I would like to see if I'M right

Would love to see you walking toward me in a thin tank or cami - YUM!

Let those delicious, juicy breasts of yours sit freely. I love a woman who prefers not to wear bras. It shows how cumfortable she is to go without wearing them. Hmmm NYGirl, you're a true Sex Goddess baby ;-)

I think braless women are totally hot. A lady in a t shirt and jeans no panties or bra is the sexiest thing ever

Braless **** under a sexy thin shirt sure gets my attention...and NYGirl you have the finest **** I've seen in a long time.

Breasts and Nipples are so Beautiful it is a real shame that they go hidden most of the time, I agree with the others here who have applauded those Ladies that have pride and confidence in them selves and there bodies to go braless

Btw, I'd love to see your pics!

Seeing erect nipples through a shirt is so sexy

I agree 100% Bra's can be very sexy but being topless is best.

well im a man and i really appreciated those women who are strong enough to reveal their hot and erotic appealling nipples

wow thats something a man like to look at.....braless plus bulging nipples...hhhmmmm yummy

Heehee. Mine are beautiful when shown c: I feel the same way about them being out in the open.

:) You are indeed lovely :)

ty willow coming from a pro like you i take that as a compliment :)

I would love to see you braless!! would you mind??

You are so RIGHT!