Hot Day At The Speedway!

Recently went to a NASCAR race at Kentucky Speedway and the temp was over 100 degrees....Sigh...But the positive side effect was their were woman of all ages and shapes and sizes not wearing a bra....It was a sight and helped me forget the hot rays! Thanks ladies of NASCAR!
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5 Responses Jul 2, 2012

can't get my girls to do that they alway have to wear a bra, except near bed time.

the picture here is jennifer A I'm sure of it

Stephanie C was my NASCAR angle that night.
nice dark tan skin and big juicey darker nipples

I seen the same at richmond on sept 7 and 8 even with the rain, poor girls forgot their Bra's wet and beautiful.

Well...That is a fantasy of mine for her not to wear a bra in public, I have gotten her to do it a couple of times but not this weekend. She is self consciousness about their size.