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What Does It Say

What does it say about a woman when she goes braless?

It says she is confident and that she is proud of her breasts. It says that she wants attention. It says that she is a temptress and a seductress. It says that she is not inhibited but rather is a free spirit, unrestrained by the judgements and expectations of others. It says that she enjoys being stared at, and that she likes to flaunt herself. It says that she is most likely very passionate and sensuous woman, who likes the feeling of being on display that way.

I love braless girls because of what it says about them, that they are like me, kindred spirits.
outofbiz outofbiz 36-40, F 4 Responses Jul 31, 2012

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Braless is better.

Big, medium, or small, they're all good, if you show them off.

Not wearing a bra shows them off, and that's what is sexy.

At private parties that I sometimes have, no tops/shirt/bras are allowed.

And, it's better that way.

A private party where all the women have to go bare breasted? My kind of an event. I would love it.

That's right. No shirts allowed. And, also, one other thing is not allowed...

Yes, you're right. She is enjoys knowing that others think she's beautiful. Either that...or she's late for work and didn't have time to put a bra on. Either way...I love it and I love it more when a girl loves it!

Rushing out of the house and forgetting to put on a bra is not a very likely scenerio for a woman. When you see a woman braless, it is a very confident choice she made.

This is a good analysis. I love the daring of women without bras, but sometimes feel afraid to join them! How to be more self-confident?

Think of it as your social obligation. Men expect it and they do so appreciate it. By refusing to show off your luscious breasts, you are being selfish and childish. It is time to put aside childish shyness and prudishness and to be become the sexy, sophisticated woman that all men want you to be.

totally agree :)

A sisterhood of *****. *giggle*