Some Find It Offensive

And I once actually did. A classmate of mine, whom I found annoying, was walking around campus with clearly no bra, and maybe it was the way I felt about her snobbish answers in class, or her self-righteousness, but I wanted to smack her face. Her saggy breasts disgusted me, and I wished she'd just put on a bra, and a better outfit, and go far away.! I'm surprised about this cattiness inside me. It's like a confession to myself, but how did I really not know? I think my attitude toward her bralessness was an extension of my attitude toward her whole being, but I've since calmed down with respect to this girl.

I now want to share how I *really* feel about free-hanging boobies :)

I love them!

Since I was little, at any of the rare moments I noticed a woman sans brassiere, I giggled and found it quite funny. When my mom used to walk around the house in her pajamas with her nipples poking out, I was annoyed, because I found it tacky. I think as a reaction to how weird we felt around my mom, all my sisters and I have always been conscious to wear bras around the house. As I grew into myself, sexually, I realized that it is quite a lovely feeling, and very exciting to go braless outside the home. It's fun waiting for the dawning of consciousness, followed by appreciation on the faces of strangers. The only drawback is that my big boobs get sweaty on the underside, and that's a little uncomfortable. Also, running. Pain. There's a tradeoff, but the benefits are so fun that I often expose myself despite the risks :)
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Life is full of choices.... Thanks for choosing to share your beauty.

Love the way they move... :-) yay for you!!

I thought women were supposed to burn their bras in the 70s!

I love them too. Frankly, they make no sense to me. They are often worn ba<x>sed on what other people will think often by women and girls who don't sag and never will... So be free and enjoy.