All I Have To Say Here About Women Going Braless

I first posted this as a confession. Since then I haven't had anything new to contribute to this group, so I may as well post it here as well.  I'd rather my x-ray eyes linger on all of that stylish bralessness, but my contribution here would amount to only a long string of drool. My "love" doesn't have to be THAT explicit!

I was nearly the 900th member of this group.  I'm a guy, so of course I love braless women. 

Then I thought "What if they aren't braless?  Do I love them any less?" 

The answer, of course, is no.  I just want the eye-candy.  I went through the same internal dialogue after joining the group "I Want to Know How Many Women Go Without Undies on a Daily Basis," or something like that. 

So, let me just set the record straight:  it doesn't matter if you do or don't wear panties and / or a bra.  I'd love you either way.  Just be yourself and do what feels right for you.  That's how I'll love you the most. 
UnderEli UnderEli
46-50, M
Dec 4, 2012