Summer Delight

Last summer, I drove into a parking lot and parked beside a vehicle with the hood up.  I got out of my vehicle and notice a woman leaning over the engine compartment in distress.  I asked if I could help and she replied, "I'm late and I can't get this damn thing to start".  As she hovered over her car, I noticed her shirt gaping open and her bare breasts in full view.  They looked delightful... probably a 32B and very perky.  She seemed to think her battery was dead, but didn't seem to know where to find her battery.  I pointed to it and notice corrosion on the terminals.  The clamps were loose so I wiggled them a bit and asked her to try and start the car again.  The car started right away and I went to her window where she was sitting and she thanked me.  Her shirt was still nicely open and I had a clear downward view.  She obviously dressed to show them off.  I love a woman that likes to show off her ****.
2fun 2fun
41-45, M
Aug 7, 2010