Beautiful Breasts Exposed In Subway

Many years ago, I was in the subway during the rush hour. I was standing up in the middle of the train and we stopped at a station. I nice looking girl came in near me and she grabbed the pole next me. She was wearing an open blouse braless. I was in the right view angle and I saw her nice small breasts for the entire trip (20 minutes). This happened several times during the hot summer. Since this, I always love braless women in the subway :)

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3 Responses Aug 8, 2009

nothing wrong with looking at a *** when there exposed. i saw a women with big **** in a store with no bra on an a see through blouse. wow they were nice

this kind of experience is always lovely. teasing and erotic.. a nice way to pass the time

OMG! I love it when that happens, just visualizing it makes me wanna ***! ;-P