Change Room Sheer Top

The wife and i went clothes shopping  in a small shop and i found her a sheer top in there and told her to go try it on  and the best part was she didn’t have a bra on that day and the change room could be seen from most of the shop and there was a few others there too don’t know if anyone seen but i got a pic of it and posted in our profile

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2 Responses Mar 14, 2010

Great story.
Sheer clothes are definitely so sexy. It makes woman body look even better than nudity.
Can I see the pic?

I sure wish there were more woman out there that were willing to wear shear blouses with or without a bra. Of course, if they have a bra on, it would be nice if it were a shear one or one of those quarter-cup shelf bras that don't cover their nipples.