Obviously, It's In My User Name...

I haven't even been a fan for too long, I'm almost ashamed of it to be honest.  A few years ago I was listening to a friend's ipod and came across Failure By Design and was enamored, and as I do with every song I discover and love immediately went about hearing as many Brand New songs as I could and haven't really found one I didn't like.  Even got myself a band shirt to express my love, and I'm not the band tee type normally.   Take your pick from either Your Favorite Weapon or Deja Entendu and it would qualify as my favorite song, though I'll always be attached to Failure By Design probably most.  And I think I have a serious man-crush on Jesse Lacey I must admit hahaha

BrandNewNobody BrandNewNobody
18-21, M
Feb 23, 2010