Carbs Anonnymous

I love BREAD and PASTA and COOKIES and everything carbs. A meal for me is not complete unless i am eating some type of complex or simple carbohydrate.

Once i went on a low carb high protein diet.... it was hell! Sure i lost a couple of pounds (which i didn't even need to loose in the first place!) however the cost was too high for me to pay. I was lethargic, depressed, moody..... i was going trough serious CARB WITHDRAWAL!!! eekk>>>>>

Since carbs compose a large portion of my diet, i work extra hard to burn them off at the gym.... Sometimes my knees are achy, my back is sore, and my arms numb from the cardio and weights... however, when i look down at the calorie tracker and realize that if i burn 50 more cals then i can eat two cookies and hot have to worry about gaining weight, that is the biggest motivation of all devil LOL!
aleon00 aleon00
26-30, F
Oct 28, 2010