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Man Can't Live On Bread Alone... But Maybe Woman Can?

I LOVE the stuff!  Various kinds of it.  I enjoy going to nice restaurants, ordering some soup, and just refilling the bread basket to go with it.  Bread with olive oil type dips at Italian places are heavenly too.  I could eat it forever.  And sometimes I do, resulting in me being full before my entree even arrives.

EPGrace EPGrace 18-21, F 9 Responses May 1, 2008

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OMG I love the black bread that i get in certain restaurants (drool) i've tried baking bread but i can never get everything just right. baking bread is an art form.

I just had some bread late last night with some Champignon brie... it was heavenly.

OMG this is so true... this is why you do carside carry out and then you can eat as you wish. (Not to mention that it's much easier with three chidren.) Next time you go to Carrabbas order a side of their REAL butter with the sourdough and you'll just melt!

Now that I understand your equation, I'd like to comment on how beautifully expressed that was! Thank you :)

Hahaha. "Pwn (verb): An act of dominating an opponent."

I'm ignorant. My maths is usually okay, but the algebra isn't working for me right now. What's pwns?

yummy. thanks for sharing

Warm bread = pwns.

So it's not only me! I love different tastes and textures, though I'm not good at naming them. Do you like freshly baked? Mmm... The aroma... :)