The Best Loaf Ever

I once bought this book called "DOUGH" by Richard Bertinet a French chef and baker.

After trying some recipes, I set out to a real challange: Pain de Campagne made with sourdough! The sourdough took a couple of days, but I was very setisfied with the result. Then the loaves themselves, I worked the dough right, had a good consistency and baked on a granite plate in my microwave oven (I don't have a real kitchen).

The loaves were by far the best I've ever tasted, it has beaten loaves from factories, artisan bakers and a bread R&D facility I worked once. They lasted 5 days before even getting stale.

My only ingredients were: grain flour (American patent -10% moist), rye four (German), salt, water and fresh yeast. There were no additives in the flour.

I'd love to make them again, but I rarely have the time, since everything I did was by hand (including kneading).

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2 Responses Aug 22, 2009

Did you know you could bake bread on steam?? There's this French steamer I found. A whole booklet on making bread came with it. Sure enough the bread was fabulous.

Yes, I use a cake tin under the granite slab and fill it up with water. Steam spreads the heat more evenly.

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