The smell of baking bread is comforting to me it was something my father did when he was not working . The man could bake anything and never followed a recipe in fact when the came out with Toll house recipes he damn near gave us salt poisoning. When i asked him to teach me he said his recipe would go to his grave with him . Hot loaves of bread and lots of butter just heaven

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Now that i can bake without causing people intestinal blockages and i love ittoo!

OMG!!! My Aunt loves me ma walked in with homemade carmel rolls .... Can you say spoiled ? If it weren't for her i wouldn't be a great cook!!! *dancing*

I am hungry :)

I know i can cook but i can't bake lol. He would always go by look and feel it drives me crazy that i can't do this .

I think of all the things he baked his cinnamon rolls i miss the most again with lots of butter :)