My First Breast Smothering Experience

My breast smothering experience came from a woman I used to breastfeed from. She was around her 50's and I was in my early 20's. We met online because we both loved breastfeeding. She was a large woman with I think 40 EE size bra, she let me hold her bra and I could easily fit my head inside. Our breastfeeding sessions would consist of her laying on her side and me cuddled up close to breasts to suck. I would suck on them so hard I would have to take breaks. Laying on her side with her breasts mashed together made her cleavage look like and endless canyon. I asked her politely if I could lay my head in between them, she said I have a better idea. How about when you take your breaks I'll shove your head in between my breasts? I said sure! she said please wiggle your head to let me know you want to come out as I know you wont be able to breath or speak in there. I laughed and started sucking her breasts again. When I came for my break, she used one hand to open the valley between her breast and the other to shove my head in. was the greatest feeling even though I had no air supply and couldn't see anything. I could feel her hand behind my head pushing my head deeper into her cleavage. After a minute or so I had to get air so I wiggled my head and she pulled my head out and I started sucking her breasts again. Unfortunately I got a job offer somewhere and had to move away from her. I miss it so much.......I am on the look again for such a woman.
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3 Responses Jul 5, 2011

Excellent story. I hope you've found a woman to fill that void.

I always love to experience that.....if you don't mind me asking, where is this woman and who is she?

she was a good friend of mine that I met online, and still email back and forth to this day.

One of my fantasies has always been to find a mature older BBW with giant floppy breasts willing to smother me. And if she's lactating, i may never leave her bed..

That exactly the woman I had.......I hope I find another woman like her someday.