Memorable Experience.

Me and my friend, Aly, were very close friends, and eventually we became intimate with each other. It was great because we could both be open. She was half Asian, and a big girl, not fat, but she was tall and broad.

She wanted to do something that would turn me on since recently I helped her act out one of her fantasies.

The first time we were on our knees in front of each other. She had me place my hands in the back pockets over her butt, "I know you can't keep your hands off my butt" She joked and winked as she wrapped her arms around me now. Taking a moment to feel our bodies pressed up against each other. We breathed deeply and started kissing slowly, gently. Feeling our chests expand against each other, her breath carressing my face. I squeezed her shapely rear as her hands worked up to the back of my head.

She smiled at me saying quickly "Time to go to sleep for me my love" She pulled my head between here breasts sealing my mouth and nose.. I couldnt breath. I breathed out first, the sounds coming from the air escaping the seal of her breasts, and my moist lips. "shhhhh love," She rubbed the back of my head as I began to struggle. I was able to look up a bit into her eyes, She looked at me with concern until she felt the excitement poke against her. She smiled and played with me. "It will be over soon, endure, I will make it worth your while I promise" She spoke softly, comforting me as she started to grind her hips into mine a little.

About thirty seconds passed, I was feeling the effects, my lungs burned, my body ached from my struggles my hands clutching at her rear. "Go to sleep love, let go, you are all mine now" She continued to coo, hugging her arms around my head now, there was no escape. I felt my own body relax, and I stopped struggling, "good boy" she whispered, kissing my forehead. "Go to sleep" She whispered as my eyes shut, everything going black....
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May 12, 2012