Marshmallow Bliss

The summer after senior year, I was relaxing, playing video games and the like. Not doing much of anything. So my mom comes in and says I need to do something eventually. "Go out and do something." And how grateful I am she did. She told me that one of our neighbors who lived in our cul-de-sac, Miss Gin, had gotten a new computer and needed help setting it up. Now, I liked Miss Gin. A lot. She was a very well endowed woman. I'd had a crush on her for years. She was also in more than a few of my fantasies. To go over to her house had always been a blessing for me. But this would be my first time going alone. I was very excited. I didn't want my mom to realize anything was up, and I thought I did a good job hiding my joy when I said yes.

I'd gone over and things had seemed to be normal. Miss Gin, a voluptous blond in her mid thirties, smiled at me as she let me in, but that was normal. She led me down to her basement where she had her office, and left me with the sealed box. It wasn't too complicated, and I had it set up in about an hour. I went upstairs and told Miss Gin I had finished. So she offered me lemonade and asked if I could stay "A little longer."
I sat down at her kitchen table, and admired the view of her fine rear as she got a couple glasses and poured us some. It was so nice, big, and round. I even had a nice picture of it in my room. She came over with the glasses, but as she was handing mine to me, it slipped and spilled all over my pants. She immediately started to apologize and insisted she dry it for me. So she got a rag and started wiping at my crotch. The way she was bending over, I had a fine view of her cleavage. I quickly hardened up, and tried to get her to stop. But then she gave me this huge grin. "What's wrong. I thought you liked it? Judging from what I feel down here." As she said this she grabbed my ****.
I was in disbelief. I'd had so many fantasies of something like this happening, I had never imagined it happening for real. "I've seen you looking at me since you were twelve. You've always been such a sweet little fan of me. I show my appreciation every now and again. I didn't tell your mother about that picture of my *** you took. I'll tell you it was very obvious though."
I was reeling at this point. She had known? Had I been that obvious? "Oh, I love seeing you squirm. You're so cute. Now, I know you've had fantasies about me. And I like that you do. But I want to give you something to fantasize about. Something you'll remember for the rest of your life. It'll make me hot to think about you, twenty years later, married and with children, but still fantasizing about your attractive neighbor growing up. But it'll be by my rules. Now, let's head up to my room." I leapt to my feet, ready to obey her every command.

When we got to her room, she had told me to lie down on her bed. It was a big poster bed. She had me lie down right in the middle, and tied my arms and legs to the poles. She licked her lips, staring at me. I was so horny, and I bet it was written all over my face. And she loved it. She walked into her closet and told me she'd just be a minute. I think about twenty passed before she came out. I'd been getting sweaty and nervous during that wait. It'd felt like hours. But it was worth it. She came out in this bikini that barely held her enourmous breasts. Between that and the tight leather pants, I'd knew I'd remember this fifty years from now, not just twenty.
She climbed onto the bed and looked down at me. There was such a hunger in her eyes. I hadn't thought this could get better, but that look she gave me will invade my dreams for the rest of my life. "Listen up. We're going to have a little fun. And by we, I mean the only one of us that matters. Me. But I'll still give you something to jack off to when you go off to college. All those pretty girls, wearing skimpy clothing. And you'll always remember me." She licked her lips at that.
And how magnificent she looked. Staring down at me with a sexual hunger, ready to go in for the kill. Her massive melons seemed to be larger than my head, and they were right over me. Her glorious *** was raised, and I knew she was barely containing her urge to pounce. But not yet.
"Here's what I'm going to do. I always see you staring at my breasts. And I love every moment of it. But now, I'll give you the teenage boy's dream. I'll let you get up close and personal. I'll shove you between them, and you'll be in heaven. And that's where my fun comes in. I'm not doing this for free. It makes me hot to see how horny you are. But I want to enjoy this too. So I'm going to test your endurance. I'll keep you trapped until you're almost ready to pass out, then I'll let you catch one, or if I'm feeling charitable, two breaths. Then back in you go. If I get bored of this, I'll find some other way to entertain myself. But you'll love it no matter what won't you my little puppy dog?" And then she was down. She covered my face, and put her hands behind my head. She lay down on me and seemed to relax. It was so soft and warm, between her marshmallows. And the smell. Oh, her smell was wonderful. I wanted to take a big bite out of her. But I couldn't move. She had me stuck tight. I even tried to escape once or twice. She had me good. So I sat back and enjoyed the softness of her breasts, the warmth, the smell. But it stopped being so wonderful once I couldn't breath. I tried to gulp in air through her cleavage, but she held me too tight. I wasn't getting out. At this point I really started to struggle, but she had me. My arms and legs were tied up and her breasts had swallowed my whole face. I could hear her above me. "Oh, poor dear doesn't like my babies so much any more huh? I'm enjoying feeling you squirm, so I'll leave you like this a little longer." And she held true to that. My vision started to blur, and I was unable to even try to move. They were so warm and soft. But then she lifted up. I got in three whole breaths before she came down on top of me again.

I found out later that she continued like that for over an hour. But I couldn't tell, I was too distracted by her astounding melons. But after about an hour, she decided to change things up. She reached down and grabbed my crotch. I still had my pants on but she quickly unzipped and lowered my pants as far as she could. And she did all of this while keeping my face between her boobs. Then, she grabbed my ****. She lifted up so that she could speak to me. "You know, I've always wanted to see how big a mess you'd make on my bed. See how far it goes, how much there is; I'm going to enjoy making you come all over my bed." And she lay back down, and started stroking me. I had been ready to burst already, so I didn't take much encouragment the first time. I exploded, and I had never felt so good up to this point in my life. She even let me take a breath. "Very impressive, my little puppy dog. Let's see if you can repeat that trick?" And she was back down on me. She started stroking again. She really got going, tickling my ****, squeezing my balls. It was amazing. It took longer, but I came again. She lifted up. "You've been a good boy. If you keep this up, mommy may have to reward you." I don't know when she started reffereing to herself as "mommy" but I loved it. I was hers. She owned me. And when she jerked me off for the third time, I complied with her wishes.
She let me out and this time moved so her face was right above mine. "You've been a very good puppy for your mommy. I enjoyed that. But, if you can surpass it, give me the strongest you've given me so far today, I'll reward you." And at that last part she licked my cheek. I was puddy in her hands. She had asked, so I would deliver.
I fantasized about what she might do to me that she considered a reward. Full on sex? Would she actually have sex with me! I'd actually get to be inside this delicious woman who had the bests breasts ever? I'd do anything for that. And with her help, I came for the fourth time. This was an explosion that dwarfed anything I had done before. It went all over the bed. Her back and ***, I later found out, were coated by the time I had finished that fourth go.
I could tell that it was better than anything I had ever unleashed before, so I waited for her to get up and give me my reward. But then she started singing. A lullaby. I was confused. That was my reward? Had I not satisfied her? But her singing voice was beautifal, so I just sat back and enjoyed it. And i waited for her to let me breath. But she didn't. That blast had taken everything I had. I needed air! But she just kept singing! And everything started to go dark.

I woke up, and I was still in her bed. But it was different. I looked around to see what was different, and quickly realized it was the fact I could see. My face wasn't buried in her breasts anymore. I was very dissapointed. She wasn't even in the room anymore either. I noticed that the sheets were gone, as were my pants. I got up to look for her. I went over to the bathroom connected to her bedroom first. And when I saw my reflection in her mirror, I almost cried. My face was covered in lipstick stains. She had kissed me all over! I even saw one kiss mark on my lips. I reached my fingers to my lips and felt it there. Her lipstick. I felt like a little kid on christmas. "That's my goodnight kiss." I turned and saw she was there behind me. She had changed back into her clothes, and held me pants out. I took them, and noticed they were still warm from the dryer. "I cleaned those up for you. I don't want your mother forbidding you from coming back." She said that last part with a wink. She wanted me to come back? She came over and looked me in the eyes. "I've been waiting years to be able to do this. To make you so hungry for me, you'll always remember me. When you **** your wife, I'll be the only one you see. You've made mommy very happy, she'll always be able to get hot when she thinks about that." And when she said mommy (I loved how sexy she was when she said that) I remembered my mother. I had to get home! When I told Miss Gin, she just smiled at me. "I told your mother that you had finished and passed out exhausted." Finished? She told mom! Then I realized that she was talking about the computer. "And I told her I tried to wake you up, but you were out. So I gave you a pillow and blanket, and I'll let you stay the night. Your poor innocent mother doesn't see anything wrong with that." I asked her if I really got to sleep at her house. She smiled. "Of course. But first, you'll have to put new sheets on the bed. Once you do that, I want you to clean the old sheets that you messed up. Then clean up after my dinner. You will curl up at the foot of my bed and sleep there. Do you understand me!" I nodded. Then I got to work.
I'll always remember that as the best of the day of my life.
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It happened when I was at university. With me it was a girl bbw.She had very large breasts.Once I came to her home.When I entered she was in underwear it was very sexy♥ We drank coffee and went to the bedroom.We lay on the bed I found myself between her breasts.I panicked she says I'm going to strangle you my ****.She gave me a little air. She asked me you like it? I said yes.After this I was between her boobs.I asked her to give air she did not say anything.The next morning I woke up next to her.She asked ready to become my slave?I Say yes.(Sorry for my English i live in Ukraine)

I'm jealous. I wish this could happen to me

You lucky bastard


Its sound so hot when it happens to somebody else. but the true is that i will never be able to enjoy what she did to you with her breast the other part is awesome though

She didn't sit on your face? You could have kissed her ***. You could have given her an ******. She deserved it from your story. I hope she did. You both deserved it.

Great storie I wish this happens to me some day