part 2

Now we were about to go on a weekend together, it was natural that I accompanied them to their next stop, a quiet bar without leering men, handsome competitors or even acquaintances. When we settled at the table I finally got the chance to take a good look at Nikkie. When I addressed her, I concentrated on looking at her face, rather than her huge rack, and was bedazzled again, this time by her beautiful and friendly blue eyes. This was someone to fall in love with! But of course I didn’t show anything of my feelings and played my act of witty and eloquent intellectual, talking to both of them, and not trying to hear Nikkie out. I even managed to keep looking to her face, and that of Joan, while I kept ordering wine, for them, and vodka for myself. Meanwhile I felt overtaken by lust and longing to be with her. Her gigantic heaving boobs, under the soft fabric of a red wool sweater were mesmerizing. So soft and inviting… so made to fondle, caress, kiss, suck, kneed and take care for, for hours, days and years… To *** between and all over ten times a day, to adore and serve…I wouldn’t be able to leave them alone, ever, when waking up next to her. They were like huge, jelly-filled balloons, made of the most perfect fabric in the world, massive love-pillows, cosy and warm, as they rested on the table, showing a vast cleavage, while Nikkie was telling me funny stories about her life, seemingly unaware of what was going on down under, where my hardened **** twitched and throbbed under the strain of my pants.
“What a lucky guy her friend must be,” I thought, certain that a goddess like her, not only beautiful, but also very pleasant company as it turned out, would have a friend. So I was very surprised that she very casually mentioned that she was single, for months already, and not looking for a new friend either. I could hardly believe it. It meant that I might be able to befriend her and maybe even more, later. But just as I realised this, Nikkie and Joan decided to leave the bar and go home, it being three ‘o clock in the morning. I was a bit disappointed by the friendly, but a little formal goodbye, without even a kiss, when they left me in the bar, promising to be at my place on Saturday morning, for the trip to Ommen, with me and Fred.

As soon as they had left, I paid my bill and rushed home and to bed…. I had to play with myself with this clear memory of those magnificent breasts, and release the tension built up in my balls… I was dizzy with horniness, having been so close to so much perfection.

(it may take a while before we get there... sorry folks!)
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I'm enjoying it so far. Please continue.