So Amazing

I love to breast feed a loving adult partner.  I love to cradle his head in my hands and look into her eyes.  I like to touch her skin and feel his lips around my nipple.  I am filled with such great emotion and fiery sexual desire; I can't resist gratifying my partner.  I use my fingers so I can be inside of him/her even more deeply. Timing my breath to hers; filling his every desire.  I want very much to nurse two wonderful people at once.  I cant help but notice that I have two hands.

Mareola Mareola
26-30, F
6 Responses Feb 13, 2010

Hey M,<br />
After a long time hearing from you again. Wish I was there nearer to u, physically.<br />
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Your net friend

Breastfeeding from lactating breasts as an adult is my dream. I'ld LOVE so much the comfort of laying on your breasts and latching milk on your nips.

Sounds like a wonderful experience! Now it is January 2011, Have you had both a man and a woman suckle at your breasts yet? Have you achieved lactation?

It is lovely how you are a giver. You want to give so much pleasure, nurish others and share into it. I can totally relate to that. I love to be inside a woman and after slow back and forth for hours, feel her very essence and spirit become one with mine and unleash all the passion and heat, hornyness that she is capable off (or a large part of it, there is always room for improvement) and feeling her quiver, gasp and glow as she comes again and again hearning her moan "wow, what is this? WHAT IS ....THIS?" as she discovers new things about herself and her wonderful body that I was priviledged to discover fully with her. I am just a man doing his part and having a lot of patience and persistence to find out how high she can go.<br />
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We are all enlighted beings and feeling pure life force well and flow through us is an incredible wonderful thing during tantra sex (well, I don't know if it is that which I am doing, but I feel that I have done it without knowing how)

sign me up i would kill for a chance to develop your supply and taste your sweetness

Two hands, Two breast. to bad