I Do So Love Feeding Time

     After my initial introduction to Darlene (d) and her older sister (C) and its feeding things went well (see my other story on the initial feeding).  Darlene  is no "bombshell" to the eyes.  She is a middle-aged mother of 5 children ranging from 3 yrs old to 19 yrs old, 3 boys 2 girls if you are interested.  Naturally after giving birth to that many kids her shape was not size "6" by a long shot.  She is somewhat obese, large tummy, hammy bottom, large pendulous breasts with silver-dollar sized aureoles and long thick nipples, about a good 1/2 inch long or a bit longer when erect.

    All 3 of us meet at a hotel, her older sister comes as a witness that nothing "funny" takes place and that my intentions are honorable, just feeding, no sex.  I agreed!  I am happily married and have never cheated on my wife and never will.  This is about contentment, seeking the transcendental experience of nursing that I enjoyed as a small child and as an adult with the birth of our first child too.

     My first meeting was embarrassing because her sister insisted I take off my pants to "prove" I was not erect and some sex fiend.  What they did not know about me was that I enjoy wearing women's panties & hose.  When the older sister saw me in pink satin fetish "sissy" panties (I wear 24/7) she laughed and told her sister to go ahead and nurse me I was no "threat" to women-kind --- she mistakenly thinks I must be gay because of the panties, I am not, I am Str-8, always have been.

    Darlene took off her top exposing her flabby white skin to us along with her heavy duty under wire bra.  She proceeded to "flop" out her right teat and beconed me to lay down on the couch and begin to take her teat.  It was FAR from sexy, she was far from sexy, her breasts were FAR from sexy, so I thankfully remained in a very limp & shrunken condition when I laid down.

    From her sister's vantage point it probably looked like I had little if any unit to worry about.  I took her nip into my mouth and began to gently pull on it.  Nothing at first, I keep gently sucking and she began to squeeze her teat as I suckled.  Suddenly her milk began to flow freely into my mouth.  The FIRST taste of her milk sent an ELECTRIC CURRENT feeling run down my spine to my toes.  I suckled until my mouth was completely full and I ran the milk around my teeth and gums savoring it.  Then I swallowed it in about 6 little swallows, then I went back to sucking.  Now my hand was gently ma sagging her breast as I nursed, her eyes her closed and her head back while I nursed.

    Once her milk was flowing I got (embarrassingly) HARD and began a rapidly expanding wet spot, highly visible as it soaked through the satin material.  Her sister immediately noticed and called out to her sister "Darlene you might make a real man out of him yet, give him the other'n to nurse."  Darlene opened her eyes, looked down at my leaking unit and giggled and said "here let me take my bra off and you begin to work on my other one for now."  Darlene proceeded to take off her bra which allowed her breasts to literally sit almost on her lap.  I had to move over or her other teat would have covered my head and I would not be able to reach her other teat!  BIGGUN'S.

    I eagerly took her freah nub into my mouth and immediately began to get milk.  I was throbbing down below, my eyes were closed and her sister came over and knelt by the couch and unbeknown to me sat there watching me leak and throb as the blood strained in my avg. size (at best) seedthrower.  As I was savoring abother mouthful I felt a tug down of my panties and a warm hand encircle my unit.  One touch that was all it took and I shot a massive load ----- frankly it surprised me and was somewhat humiliating ------- to be manipulated into such an eruption & observed by an ugly (ok I said it, its a fact) older woman was too much.  Especially since I shot more than I have probably in 10 or 15 years, I kid you not.  It was like I was a teenager.

    As Darlene's milk filled my mouth I expelled at least 6 spurts of thick ropes of seed onto the area above my navel. "C" said "thar he blows matey" with a huge laugh and a handclap.  I was completely spent so much so that now I was merely holding the teat in my mouth with sucking it.  It was the strongest "O" I have had in many many years.  "C" suprised me again by getting up quickly and coming back with the plastic coffee spoon the room had by its Mr. Coffee machine and began to scoop up my product.  I thought she was just cleaning me up, after all she made the mess, sort of.

    Next thing I knew "C" was holding up Darlene's other teat and rubbing my product on and around the teat & aureloa.  She gently removed the other nipple from my lips and did the same again to that breast.  Then she told me to "suckle them clean, you ought to be used to the taste of seed."

     Oh sure I have had fantasy-mucho on ******** eating, but now I was faced with a reality, it like the pants, was another "make-or-break" time to see if this would/could grow into an ABR --- so fighting back my initial revulsion I sucked and I licked, and I sucked some more and I switched breasts and yes it was duly noted that I got hard again while doing it.

     Darlene looking at my crotch told her sister "well I am out of milk, so he is getting excited over sucking seed it seems to me.  But he is nice and gently and so if you want to continue to nurse on me it will have to be here, twice a week, you pay for the room . . .and oh yeah, wear some of them sweety panties I know you have."  I rapdily agreed to her arrangements and I tried to explain to them about my panty fetish, the ******** fantasy, that I was not gay or some pervert.  All Darlene said was "hey if that is your thing that is ok, I just do not nor have ever know'd any men who wore panties at least by their own choice.  I don't care what you do, just be gentle and I am here to help."  With that I kissed her hand and shook that of her sister's and left until Thursday.

PantyPrince PantyPrince
51-55, M
Mar 9, 2010