Always Have!

When I was in my formative years (back in the ice ages!), the only panties available were full cut. Since this was the era in which my fetishes were drilling their anchors into my mind, full cut panties have always held a warm spot for me. As a male that (*blush*) wears panties, I appreciate the fact that full-cuts normally have a wider gusset and are usually the most comfortable ones on the market. As mentioned by other members, they also hold more moisture and other fun things I like to have in them. I also love the way they look on the lovely, curved frame of a lady, accentuating the waist and hips as well as the lower abdomen and that beautiful transitional area between the lower back and the butt.

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

sounds like you need a pad in your panties too. I alwaays have a Kotex Overnight in mine.

I too became hooked on panties when that is about all that was available were the briefs mainly in white. I will never forget going to the dentist and watching his assistant bend over in her white uniform that they wore back then and clearly seeing the outline of her white panties under her white pants, especially that line that showed where that extra la<x>yer of cotton was that covered her *** and *****.