Wathership Down

Anyone remember the song 'Bright Eyes" by Art Garfunkel?
It was about a rabbit who got killed.
It made me cry, so I don't now if I like it so much.
But it was/is a beautiful song.
I THINK it was Art Garfunkel.??
Josephine Josephine
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3 Responses Aug 22, 2007

Yeah, that song is great...I really like his lyrics. I didn't know they were a band, thought he was solo. Yeah...Omaha. Thanks, BE!

Uh brutmystik are you talking about the band bright eyes with conor oberst? Cause he sings that song (btw the song is called at the bottom of everything) If thats who you are talking about just so you know he's from omaha, nebraska...

Yes, it was from a movie called "Watership Down", and yes it was Art Garfunkel...pretty dong-WHOA, I meant song...yikes...<br />
I thought you were talking about the guy from Dakota; I love that video about the plane crash..."IT"S YOUR BIRTHDAY, AND WE'RE GOING TO A BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!!"