Even Thought I'm British !

Contrary to alot of fantasy, British people don't all sound heart stoppingly sexy !

When someone speaks with correct English, I don't mean to say, that he has to sound as if he has swallowed a dictionary, but when he simply doesn't use Slang language as if he will die without it, it is incredibly sexy to me.

Where i live, i don't really have much of that. There are a couple exceptions, but alas .. alreday married !!
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1 Response May 8, 2012

Hey not every guy in the west milands doesnt f and geoff and speak alot of slanguage! ;)

Yes, that true but come on .. most do ! Also, alot of those whom don't .. are putting it on !

Haha yeah it is true but you think that some guys put on having a decent vocabulary or did i read it right haha