Construction Girls

I'm an Ironworker. You seen me, walking on an iron beam thinking how the hell does he do that. Up 20 stories with a hard hat and work boots. Anyway we're on a 40 story hi-rise off the Las Vegas ***** next to the MGM hotel. Its about 2 o'clock and all us guys want to finish the day and get to the bar for some cold beer.

My partner whistles at me and waves me over. Joe he says, "LOOK" and points to the balcony of the MGM hotel. Now this is on 22nd floor (250 ft. up from street level). And there is 2 girls and one guy on the balcony about 4 floors below us NUDE. One girl was on her knees kissing the other girls breast while the guy was fu**king her in the ***. We stood there for 10 min. watching the show untill the foreman comes over and says " Dammm Get To Work You Guys" till we point over to the action. Wow, HOT DAMMM I'll be. OK. he says.

As they say, "Only in Vegas" It was a good day!!!
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We were in the Stardust one year and there was construction across from our room. We left the curtains open as we always do and like most people, there is no need for clothes when you are in your room. I could see the construction workers stopping to watch our hotel and wondered how many windows they were watching, lol. My wife would sit at the window to put her make-up on and only a towel around her head. Lights were on in the morning and the construction was going on. Only bummer was that it blocked our view of the *****. Best part was feeling like we were being voyeured waling around and every time we had sex....

Lucky you didn't fall off!

good show :)

You been there?? Amaszing city!!

no..I didn't go to Vegas

Hot story but why is it in the I Love British Accents group?

Your the 2nd person to ask that question. Was the first story i posted and fubbed it up. My mistake.

Ic. I hoped for a British accent story because I love the Brits.

Will you add me. Maybe you can teach me some German too??

Thanks for your interest but your profile doesn't appeal to me. Sry

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Lol great story but what does it have to do with British accents? And on that subject, Aussie accents are sexier ;-)

Was a mistake on my part,...Can't figure how to switch it to somewhere else??

Leave it in there but perhaps also post in a more relevant group? And no comment on Aussie accents....??

Are you from there?? Want to go there someday!!

You need to read my "about" :-P

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Awesome story

Thanks Las vegas is fun. Never a bad day in that town