Absolutely Love The British...accents

I'm aware that there are different dialects/accents in the UK. I just love hearing. I could talk to a Brit all day, lol. For me its such a turn on (sorry hubby, lol). There's a few actors that I adorbs such as Tom Hardy, Alex Pettyfer, Colin Farrell are just to name a few; not for the mere fact that some are "hawt " but I love their accents. I would to become friends with a Brit. It would be awesome!
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I need to introduce you to a chav (an English ghetto person) then I can guarantee that you will feel otherwise.


Hi of course I noted you like English accents. Which is cool, I find American accents quite striking. I'm English and like chatting to new people, feel free to stop by for a chat if you like

sure thing.

Ok sounds good to me

Sir Winston Churchill said, that Britain and the USA are two countries seperated by a common language. Personally, I love to hear Americans speaking; not so much the New York dialect, thats a little harsh I think. However, some of the Southern States have the kind of accent that delights the ear, and I know someone in Montana who`s voice just entrances me.

I am right there with you. I get soooo turned on when hearing a man with a british accent. My body just can't control itself and goes on pleasure auto pilot! lol I might have to take a trip to England soon!