Ah, British accents.... I absolutely love them. A British accent is so sexy to me... I would certainly pounce on a good looking guy with a British accent... yeah... =]
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I don't know... I'm American. I don't hear too many good comments on those. Of course, I'm told by friends that I have the weirdest accent for someone born here that they've ever heard.

lol!!! So true

If you fall into the category of "good looking guy with a british accent" then yes. You better watch out. lol!!

wow i'm british so yeah i have one lol does that mean i better watch out if i go to America? lmao

cmbmick, Lol!! Sounds like you need to get a t-shirt that shouts: "Yes, I'm f***ing British!" Or not... You might find it too out there and obscene... but I 'd wear it... even though I'm not British... :)<br />
<br />
Peadar66, LOL!! That would be rather funny if you did come back with that retort. I would pay to see/hear that. :)

Hmm... very puzzling indeed...

wooh! <br />
I lost my british english accent when I moved to america. I would start using it again but everybody already knows my american accent and it would be strange if I randomly started talking like that :)<br />
but it just sounds so classy and elegant lol I love it