I LOVE accents of any type. It turns me on. Once dated a guy just because he had one!

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It's weird that sometimes an area doesn't 'rub-off' on you. I went to school in Kent where, to my ears, it sounded as though everyone had a cockney accent. My dad still sounds like a true cockney today (and is often reminded of it by others). But whilst at school, I was told I had a 'posh' accent. Perhaps I could get a job reading the news for the BBC?

there are many British accents, Ii am a cockney Londoner, we talk raw with a lot of slang flung in for good measure and humor. When i visited America i stopped a shop full of people with my accent, it was quite funny. I spoke to ask for something and the checkout guy called his friend over to come listen to my accent. Then a whole group of people gathered around me to listen. Thing is they kept saying things like 'listen to this woman speak the queens English'...i'm a cockney we talk slang...hardly the queens English...made me laugh.