I Have A British Accent :)

I'm from England :)

But I'm not from London, so I haven't got that proper 'Posh' accent,

I'm not sure what you;d make of my accent tbh lol.

But it's British nevertheless :)

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I love hearing different accents. I have an Southern US accent. I have not heard a British accent that did not sound good though.

ahahaha, that made me laugh so much :')<br />
Do people really talk like that? Do you? lmao,<br />
People go from one extreme to the other in Wolverhampton I think aha, it's either complete 'gangsta' or complete 'snob' aha

aha thats funny because its the other way round here, only like alot of the people in my age range try to be hip and 'down with da streets' while being posh at the same time so its like ''what is up my brother isnt it'' :P

I'm from Wolverhampton.<br />
Although all my friends make fun of me because 'i dow talk lyke dis enit' <br />
I actually talk normally lol<br />
so they all call me posh aha :)

i live in surrey, my areas the most posh, believe me lol (and i absolutly hate it!) i think everyone from london is just well spoken, or their the opposite and got that proppa' geezer voice-mate :P<br />
<br />
welsh and scotts are my fave accents! their not english but they count as brits dont they?

:D Brirish and Australian accents are amazing. I espeically love the way they spell their words: realise, instead of realize...

not everyone from London has a posh accent you know :P well...i do but that's beside the point lol.

I'm sure it would be hot :)<br />
Not just the 'posh' is hot!