Johnny Depp Appearances In British Comedy

Vicar of Dibley meets Johnny Depp - done for a Comic Relief special

The Fast Show.... erm, yes, well.... should warn you of the innuendo in this one ... slightly cringe-worthy

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Glad you enjoyed it, GoodGuy... :)

I kind of enjoy the cringe worth moments though!... I like taking the **** out of awkward situations that make you squirm.<br />
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and tooooooo true! ;)

hahahaha..... tis funny, none the same... :)

Yea, we do seem to have that side to our comedy - the cringe-worthy stuff. Some of it is funny, others just make you feel ill. :)<br />
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A little bit of Johnny Depp never goes wrong though eh?! :)

lol same with little Britain, Cathrine Tate etc etc etc<br />
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even some of the older classics had cringeful moments like black adder and Monty python.<br />
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I approve of the Johnny Depp clips by the way! :) particularly in the vicar of dibley sketch

Yea, The Fast Show... not one of my favourites either. Very "guy-friendly" humour.

LOL concur with sleepless....<br />
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*dreams* <br />
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British comedy is very tongue in cheek, cringe worthy lol

Know what you mean :)