Love It!

My Favorite British comedy Show is "Keeping Up Appearances". It's a Hoot!


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years ago my nephew put an answering message on my mobile phone, being ignorant of these gadjets it is still on it and it is Mrs Bucket, I love her.<br />
We have just started a series of her in "Hetty Wainthropp Investegates", what I like about her in this one is she hasn't spruced herself up in it, down to earth.

I think we all know someone like Mrs Bucket (Bouquet, darling)! Poor old Richard, he was always on the receiving end. Blackadder was a favourite of mine too; I liked the Elizabethan period best, although the WW1 series was good, and had a very poignant final episode.

This is one of my all time favourites, too, and competes strongly among my favourites with Mr Bean and Yes Minister.

Yes,great comedy.I had the occasion to meet Patricia Routledge in England back in 1993;she told me that she had received a lot of "fan mail" from Australia - much of it from people saying that they knew someone just like Hyacinth!

Thanks underconstruction! I laugh so hard when I watch this show. :)