Goodie Goodie Yum Yum ...

I was raised in a working class, christian(church of christ) family in Oklahoma. My childhood was rather stark and my parents went a long way to sequester us from the influence of society and the world at large. Many contradictions were apparent to me, even in my youth, between the religion being instilled in me and the way my parents dealt with the world.
I remember my dad turning on Monty Python's Flying Circus which came on PBS in our area. The silliness of some of the skits appealed to my youthful mind and planted the seeds for what has become a lifetime of hilarity. I knew there were parts of the comedy that I was not getting and it spurred me toward exploring the intellectual aspects of what I was watching.
Eventually I discovered The Goodies(ecky thump) and several other British comedy programs and my desire to grasp the humor aided in fostering my knowledge of history, religion, world affairs, sex and many other areas relating to the human condition.
That is what I love about British comedy. One must have knowledge and understanding to fully grasp the depth of the humor.
My favorite of all time is Fawlty Towers.
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The Goodies were hillarious!!! but not so much now in adulthood.