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I live in the UK. I think our humor is the most hilarious out there, and that a lot of other cultures are either too PC or too concerned about their image to really enjoy it and broadcast the same humor in their country. Take the Inbetweeners. The Inbetweeners was phenomenally successful concluding the series with it's own movie. America tried to remake it, ******** the humor out and changed it, and their version flopped badly. You don't mess with something that ain't broken. The US version of Skins wasn't good either. Plain and simple don't remake British shows when you can't live up to them.
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I'm sorry for being a grammar nazi, but humour has 2 u's in it. Please please please don't become American and butcher our great language.

what did you think of the show the mighty boosh?...............x ab fab, faulty towers.........xx

I like Monty Python and Benny Hill!

I don't really understand why Americans insist on remaking uk shows considering I haven't seen the uk attempt to do that and it never works lol

We just play the American version of your shows, like the Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother for example
Played exactly as it would be played in the US

Aha I know I'm from the UK it would be really ****** to have a British Big Bang lol

skins ! love love love it

The British version of course!

Or the Office. The british version was so good. Not the US one that much :)

I think it would be much better if our UK versions aren\'t remake and are just broadcast as is to the US xD

Yes! I agree!!

Yeah, but part is also, I think, you have to be British to "get" British humour. I don't think shows like "Some Girls" would make it outside of Britain. Well, maybe Australia and NZ. Some Girls was cool though. Shame they didn't make more parts of it... Oh, and if you look on youtube for monty python you will see a lot of Americans commenting, "I don't get it?".

I accept that it\'s not for everyone. But I\'m confused why companies get the right to play our shows in America and just completely ruin it, when they could play the series straight off without feeling the need to remake it, because it\'s the editing that makes the new series suck. They literally remove the funness and expect it to do well. I just really think they should take out awesome shows and play them straight of.

Though I agree with Some Girls. I did watch it, did like it, but there some parts in it I found inappropriate