Theres something abt british comedy that i just cant help but love. Some of my favorite shows include mighty boosh.. ab fab and little britian.


MY ALL time fav show is the young ones.. i just love it.

Ive actually laughed to the point of peeing my pants.

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Fry and Laurie. Hugh Laurie is HI-larious. I can't stop watching their skits on You-tube.

there is a lady down the street from us who is a lot like Hyacinth Bucket! lol<br />
<br />
(oops, Bou-quet!)

yeah, for sure ....part of the intelligent comedies that you can watch in a friends company 100% sober and absolutely laugh your *** off haha :)

Haha oh yes how could i forget keeping up appearances.<br />
That one just hits so close to hom, I have an aunt thats exactly like her!<br />
<br />
Monthy python is even one of the best comdey show ever , within the britsh category or not they are the best

british comedy is great. Not forgeting something like monty python! not your average british comedy i know! :)<br />
<br />
They definely do have a different sense of humor than the americans.<br />
<br />
irish/british comedy: I love the IT Crowd/Black books/fr ted/porridge/keeping up appearances/monty python/the office/the extras/bill bailey

u say theres something about the british comedies? its the quality of the characters. our comedies and sitcoms mostly rely on punchlines and stuff, but the brits put quality into their shows. (u peed in ur pants? lol)

From the young ones i think neil would be my absolute fav.

1/.Steptoe and Son1<br />
2/.On the Buses<br />
#/. Love thy Neighbour<br />
4/. Are You Being Served<br />
5/.Man of the House<br />
6/.Father Dear Father<br />
7/. Keeping Up Appearances!<br />
8/. Please Sir!<br />
9/. To the Manor Born!<br />
10/, Till Death Us Do Part!<br />
11/. My Family<br />
12/, Fawlty Towers<br />
13/. The Vicar of Dibley!

"The Young Ones" is a classic. I really liked Rik & Ade in "Bottom" too.