The Knights Who Say "Ni!!!"

No, this is not another Philip story, but with that cosplay hat... LOL! Okay, anyways... =p

I love Monty Pyton Flying Circus! I watched it as a teen on PBS. And laughed like a nut. My favorite skit was that of the dead parrot! I died laughing! XD

And a few of their movies were good. Especially, "The Life Of Brian"... though, I could have done without the nudity! =p

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2 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Their series and even several of the movies make the rounds on PBS and BBC America. Luv 'em.<br />
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It's funny cause so few really like them. I hear from others that they don't understand what's funny. Guess many just don't get British humor.<br />
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Luv 'em all. Just great.

They were groundbreaking that's for sure.