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Best Examples of British Comedy:

Shawn of the Dead
Hot Fuzz
Jeeves and Wooster
Red Dwarf
Black Adder
The Office

At least, these are by far some of my favorites.  I realize the first two are films and not television series, but they are ridiculously British and hysterical.
MissedTheBoat MissedTheBoat 26-30, M 9 Responses Nov 13, 2007

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Black Adder is my favorite. Love how everyone dies at the end of each series. I guess I
always like bizarre thematic elements.

You should try '' only fools and horses '' and '' bottom ''<br />
<br />
They would be in my list also :P

**** you ***** ******* mother ******!

Yes. Brilliant Film. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Glad somebody out there shares my appreciation.

I just watched a brilliant Kiwi zombie sheep movie called Black sheep, our roots are in British humour but even more twisted !

Never really got The Office, but the rest of your list excels. The way Hot Fuzz and Shawn Of The Dead handle devestation, but do it in a way that you're still ******* with laughter, is brilliant.<br />
<br />
Red Dwarf and Blackadder, are pretty much worshipped in the UK. They're just incredibly... genius and entertaining, even in their shorter supply to most other "failed" sit-coms that just don't match... at all.<br />
<br />
And Jeeves and Wooster, ah Hugh Laurie and Stephan Fry are national saints.<br />
<br />
And navyvet has just reminded me of John Cleese and the rest of the flying circus. <br />
<br />
Brb, need to catch up on missed hilarity.

The Ministry of Silly Walks!

The Ministry of Silly Walks!

Jeeves and Wooster Rocks. :D