Best Examples of British Comedy:

Shawn of the Dead
Hot Fuzz
Jeeves and Wooster
Red Dwarf
Black Adder
The Office

At least, these are by far some of my favorites.  I realize the first two are films and not television series, but they are ridiculously British and hysterical.
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Black Adder is my favorite. Love how everyone dies at the end of each series. I guess I
always like bizarre thematic elements.

You should try '' only fools and horses '' and '' bottom ''

They would be in my list also :P

**** you ***** ******* mother ******!

Yes. Brilliant Film. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Glad somebody out there shares my appreciation.

I just watched a brilliant Kiwi zombie sheep movie called Black sheep, our roots are in British humour but even more twisted !

Never really got The Office, but the rest of your list excels. The way Hot Fuzz and Shawn Of The Dead handle devestation, but do it in a way that you're still ******* with laughter, is brilliant.

Red Dwarf and Blackadder, are pretty much worshipped in the UK. They're just incredibly... genius and entertaining, even in their shorter supply to most other "failed" sit-coms that just don't match... at all.

And Jeeves and Wooster, ah Hugh Laurie and Stephan Fry are national saints.

And navyvet has just reminded me of John Cleese and the rest of the flying circus.

Brb, need to catch up on missed hilarity.

The Ministry of Silly Walks!

The Ministry of Silly Walks!

Jeeves and Wooster Rocks. :D