The Meeting

Recently, I was allowed the honor and privilege to go backstage after BrokeNCYDE had finished performing. Once I reached the dressing room, I was approached by frontman 'Se7en', whom I am a very big fan of. Before I could ask for his autograph, he proceeded to ask me in the most tempting voice you can possibly imagine,... "wus poppin *****, can i get some head?" I'll never forget the wonderful taste of his sweaty, slimy, white, suburban **** sliding down the back of my thirteen year old throat. Just as he was about to bust a nut, back-up vocalist 'Phat J' proceeded to shove his greasy **** into my *******. It felt great at first but was just too much for my fragile thirteen year old bum. I ended up ******** all over his ****. Fortunately, Se7en was quick to suck it all off. They told me to unload the rest of my dump into a shot glass so they could eat it like chocolate, which they did. It was a truly humbling experience that changed my life forever.
45t2355rew 45t2355rew
Aug 9, 2010