I Hate These Bruceploitation Films

I love Bruce Lee he was the best I have all his films, and I am still in awe from the first time I saw him. But what I really hate are these films they made after he died where they claim Bruce Lee was in them just because they use old footage from his films spliced into their film. The worst offender have to be Game of Death films. Game of death 1 which features 12 minutes of unseen bruce lee fight scenes is appalling. The rest of the  film has people who look nothing like Bruce Lee stand in him for him mixed in with old footage from Bruce Lee's earlier films. It ranges between awful  Hilarious [when they have a cardboard  cut out of bruce lee's face plastered onto their actors face] and obscene, whne they show actual footage of bruce lee's funeral. It so sick because in the film Bruce Lee's character is meant to have faked his death so we see his fake funeral and they show the real one with a close up shot of Bruce Lee's dead body its sick that they did that there is no excuse for it. The worst offender has to be Game of death 2 fair enough Game of Death1 was an attempt to show us unseen Bruce Lee footage but what the **** was the point of 2 there is no new footage of Bruce Lee it is literally just the occasional bit of old bruce lee footage taken from another film of say Bruce Lee staring at someone edited in to this new film. Add this to the fact his character gets killed off after 20 minutes into the film in a very undignified fashion we then after his character dies see more footage of Bruce Lee's funeral, what really creeps me out is that earlier when bruce lee's character is talking about his childhood we see footage from a film bruce lee made when he was 3 we then see footage of him from another film  he made when he was seventeen and obviously we see footage of him from Enter the Dragon and Fist of Fury that they use when he was in his prime berfore seeing footage of him in his coffin. Whta kind of a film shows their leading actor as a boy an adolescant a strong healthy man and then a corpse sick sick sick sick.I think that these two films should be removed from the bruce lee film collection. That is the only reason I have them is because they were included alongside Enter the Dragon Way of the Dragon and Fist of Fury and The Big Boss. Maybe Game of Death deserves a place as it has bruce lee footage that you wont see anywhere else but 2 does not  its an abomination of a film and an inslut to bruce lee.

joelex300 joelex300
18-21, M
Jul 12, 2010