The Chinese Connection

Besides the obvious films such as Enter The Dragon and Fist Of Fury --The Chinese Connection is probably my third favourite Bruce Lee's flick of all time. This movie is basically about a student named Chen who finds out that someone has killed his teacher. When Chen goes to battle the school's Japanese revivals and he ends up finding out who actually killed his teacher.

Now, of course the action in this movie is on point but the storyline has an important message (at least in my opinion). I feel that it shows dedication, old school respect and patience to not act on negative, hurtful emotions and to think with a clear head. Meh, either way Bruce Lee is definitely "The Man" on many levels...

Here is a sample of The Chinese Connection. This is the original Matrix (Neo vs. Agents) scene right here. Deuces!

ollifer ollifer
36-40, F
Aug 7, 2010