Thats right! I said Bwuce Wee! lol Inside joke my brother and I share.

Anyone else like Bruce lee? See any of his movies or anything about his life on TV? He was a very interesting person. Not to mention, I think he is pretty freakin hot in a lot of movies!! Let me know if you too are a fan of the Bwuce Wee!!!
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bruce lee is a big influence in my life i got started in martial arts due to his films also into fitness too he looked amazing his films are still the best martial arts ever made.

I watched some of his movies and the Bruce Lee Story with Jason Lee Scott. I admire Bruce Lee alot. His way of life, his philosphy...his physique. How he pursued to be in top shape to the best of his ability to his fullest potential. He's a great inspiration for me to be in shape. And yes, I think he's very handsome too.