What Is Not To Love?

You've just got to love brunch. If you are having brunch, it implies that you have a nice, lazy morning to spend with family or friends. When else can you have eggs benedict and a mimosa and a bowl of strawberries? Then there is always the possibility of dim sum if you are lucky enough to live somewhere with enough Chinese people to support such establishments (Is that racist to say? Whatever, I think it does take a critical mass of Chinese people to support a decent dim sum establishment.) So, whatever you enjoy having for brunch, the important thing is that you are having brunch and that is a lovely way to start any day.
zincthink zincthink
31-35, M
5 Responses May 10, 2012

Yes true that:)

Agreed! Dim Sum is especially delicious!

Dim sum is so good. :) what else do you like for brunch?

Not to many things, dont get to do it as often as Id like to!

I agree man, it's always good to be able to take time and really enjoy an afternoon meal with friends. It's so rare these days it seems with everybody rushing and rushing to get things done.

I've never seen the benefit of combining break dancing with lunch.

What do you like for brunch?