Well I Luv Women..........

So I might as well join this experience group which boldly declares this feeling albeit for only a section of the fairer sex. I do not have a particular preference for brunettes or any other kind of woman for that matter. All I look for is an individual with her own special attributes be it intelligence, wit, sexual allure or plain honesty. I enjoy the sight and feel of a woman's body more than any other physical feeling (well is that news anyway? lol) and I am particularly enthralled by the kind of woman who is able to take control, of her life, her surroundings, situations and in bed ;). I am naturally inclined to give women an easier ride, call me sexist; but hey its human nature, we're all swayed somewhat by the amazing beauty we are blessed with in women.
mikyle1j mikyle1j
18-21, M
Dec 31, 2010