Any Shade

I do not understand why some brunettes feel that they must dye or highlight their hair in order to look better.  I believe that all people look best with their natural hair color.  I like brunettes because ordinarily, their eye brows stand out, while with natural blondes, they are only somewhat visible, if at all visible.  I always wondered if brunettes were only females.  It depends on who you ask, I guess.  My definition is "anyone with dark hair."  There are good things that come with all hair colors.  I thought that I would share why I like brunettes.  I like the fact that there can be many shades of brown.  Light brown to black.  I doubt that blonde has as many variations because it can always be a toss-up with hair color.  Ultimately, hair color could not matter less to me.

18-21, F
Apr 6, 2010