Oh Do I Ever!

But now they use those silly Weetbix foamy pellets that are biodegradable...where's the fun in that?

Oh wouldn't it be fun to have a bubble wrap party...where all the walls, floors and doors are covered in bubble wrap and people come dressed in bubble wrap outfits...

Imagine the fun! Pop...Pop...Pop...

THe mind boggles
Isshe Isshe
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9 Responses Jul 24, 2010

okay....who is clever enough to develop this!...Come on! I want it!!!!<br />
<br />
Gee I'm clever....

With a touch screen. That just makes so much sense! <br />
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lol wouldn't it be frustrating on a normal computer... I'm sure clicking it with a mouse wouldn't be near as satisfying

Now there is an idea...the virtual bubblewrap pop....could be a winner!

I like this Isshe. Pop pop. I've got a bubblewrap App on my iPod.<br />
Can I have an invite to the party.<br />
Puts a new spin on Party Poppers. Hehe.<br />
<br />
Pop pop pop.

We can celebrate July 4 every day with bubble wraps.. lol

I think now they wrap us both in bubble wrap to protect everybody else?

POP!<br />
<br />
O oh.....now what happens?

MmmMMMMmMmmm.....then we fall to the ground....(tiffany....OoOOoo yuk) Pop..pop...pop...POpOPOPOPOPOPOPOpPpopOpPpOP

An embrace'd be something. You'd know when two people were getting too close together....<br />
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