Bubbles Helped Me Get Through Today

I have every sort of bubble gadget imaginable (I know, I know, goofy- but so fun). I haven't played with any of them for months. The last couple of days have been rough- so I pulled out the big gun- my bubble machine. I set it up by the pool, made myself a cup of tea, gathered the dogs and went out to grade papers. I actually laughed today- watching the dogs chase the bubbles and become astonished when they disappeared- only to be distracted by the next bubble floating by. So many landed on the pool- they looked like diamonds and opals on the water. My students will be happy because I'm sure I graded their papers less strictly than I normally would. Bubbles- not champagne bubbles- saved me today.

metis metis
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1 Response Feb 15, 2009

I love bubbles, keep that machine going