Six Words Of Advice

Advices which helps meditation & pre & post meditational sessions.

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6 Words of Advice
To Naropa, Tilopa taught about the "six words of advice".

The original Sanskrit or Bengali (?) is not available.
The text reached us in Tibetan translation. According Ken McLeod, the text contains exactly 6 words. English translation given in the following is attributed to Ken McLeod.

Don't recall Let go of what has passed ( mi mno )
Don't imagine Let go of what may come ( mi bsam )
Don't think Let go of what is happening now ( mi shes )
Don't examine Don't try to figure anything out ( mi dpyod )
Don't control Don't try to make anything happen ( mi sgom )
Rest Relax, right now, and rest ( rang sar bzhag )
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Feb 6, 2013