Life Lessons From Buffy

No matter what is happening in my life, good or bad, I can relate it to some ep of Buffy. Most recently, a friend of mine (also a Buffy fan) pointed out that what I was going through was like being pulled out of heaven. She was so right. That summed up my feelings exactly. I had something that seemed so wonderfully perfect, that made me feel at total peace with everything, then it was ripped away. And I don't have Spike to get me through it. She laughed when I pointed our that fact. 

I trully believe that there are many life lessons to be learned from Buffy. Joss was a genius with dialogue and metaphor.

I just try to learn from her strength and pull through. There were many times when she seemed ready to give up and then found that inner strength to forge ahead. Of course, she had some very good friends and loving family to surround her.
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3 Responses Mar 27, 2011

Totally agree with you Joss has taught many life lessons through Buffy the vampire sla<x>yer. I can relate to so many things Buffy went's awesome show, wonderfully written,brilliantly directed, and skillfully acted, no other show can come close. Except maybe Angel,Firefly,Dollhouse,Dr.Horrible's singalong blog,Cabin in the woods,Avengers, Serenity, & anything else Joss comes up with cause is mighty & Shiny:)

i agree with everything you said. i once saw a pic of a girl with a "use sla<x>yer strength" tattoo on her wrist. i thought it was the coolest thing. i feel that 'buffy' really raised me and taught me everything i needed to face to world. i grew up a severely depressed teenager, and buffy was all i had to get me through. for this, i am forever grateful to joss. in fact, i saw both 'avengers' and 'cabin' three times as a thank you to him.

I totally agree with you!!!!!