I've caught snippets before I really started watching it. It looked cheesy and really rather silly. It was during a bout of depression that I watched my first episode on tv. This was last year, near this time actually. I got rather obsessed. I watched every season in less than two months online and even got into Angel: the Show. It really helped me through a lot and I still watch the little marathons that tend to come on tv every weekend even though I've already seen every episode - some many many times. I've added the seasons on dvd to my wishlist, along with all the comics. It really has made a difference in my life, even if I did discover it much later than many. I don't think I could ever express enough how much I love BtVS and how grateful the show exists. It really did help me for the better.

- K
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I feel like you just spoke for me. Got a little teary eyed reading this. No words describe the comfort and love I felt watching this show. It helped me and still does.

i completely agree. 'buffy' got me through so much, and told me i had strength time and time again when i was feeling at my weakest. i own the entire series on dvd and have watched it many many times. i am forever grateful to joss whedon for it, and will support any project he does whether i love it or not. this is the only way i know how to show my appreciation.