The Northern California Bullet Bra Appreciation Club

Over the past year several of my good friends have started to wear Bullet bras after they say the result on me. An accomplishment I'm sort of proud of. Several of us would often go shopping to Macy;s and the like all dressed a little retro with Bullet bras. We got a lot of attention and often ended up chatting at length about our bras with the Sales Associates and often other customers.

Someone got the idea to form the NorCal Bullet Bra Appreciation Club where we would all have lunch together every other week. It was really just an excuse to go out to lunch, but also gave us an excuse to all dress like 50's secretaries with tight skirts, blouses, stocking and heels.

We always ended up chatting with our waitress and usually other patrons about  our bras which was fun for all.

We realized we were being noticed when we went back to one of our lunch places a few months later and all of the waitresses were wearing Bullet Bras. The restaurant manager had been so taken by our pointy look that he asked his staff if they would wear them as part of their uniform if he would pay for them.  Apparently all but one gal jumped at the chance, and the outlier caved in after a week of being the only one not wearing a pointy bra. 

The gals really like them. They are all convinced their tips are better and the manager told us his after work cocktail business is up significantly.    

He gave us 50% off our bill with his thanks, so we left our waitress a huge tip instead. Just goes to show you another advantage of the Bullet Bra!
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2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

I love bullet bras as well as just about any bra....

Retro boobs are always in.