Inspired By Burlesque

M y first exposure to ***** tease was seeing a Burlesque Dancer when I was 5.  Her smiles were bright and her glances were sultry and deliberate...yet playful and fun.  I wanted to be like her.

I saw her in an old Hollywood movie and even in black n white she seemed to add color to the screen of our TV.

Since then I have loved the campy fun and sensuality of Burlesque.

It wasn't until I was around 32 when I saw my first Exotic Dancer...and it was in a ***** club.  Again I was transfixed and amazed at the dancers I saw.  They were not "******" they were entertainers, and athletes.  From scrutiny to admiration in a few pole moves.

Since then I have entertained the idea of stripping or Burlesque both for money and just for fun.

I have done ***** tease before and for an audience, but under the very controlled situation of webcams.  I had costumes and routines, props, and tried to use lighting to my advantage.

Having the men compliment and "encourage" me along was fun and had me feeling powerful, in control and in the driver's seat.  It  wasn't a woman being exploited by perverted men, but more like me exploiting men's perversions and/or sexuality.

I'm not sure what was more fun...prepairing for a session or doing it.

Every girl loves playing dress up and looking her best, but sometimes it is also great to pair it with our sexuality and sensuality.

Whether being lusted for, admired, or shocking our audience it seems performing ***** tease is a position of power.  I've seen the looks of "shock and awe" on the faces of men in what is known as "Gyno-Row" in ***** clubs and it is hilarious!  What man have you never seen a "peach" in real life before???

I have been naked in mixed company before but not in the capacity of a ***** club or Burlesque stage.  I'm not sure if I would need extra courage for that but the thought or fantasy of a live audience in that venue is a lot of fun.

Seanachai Seanachai
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Yes and we usually go willingly!

"It wasn't a woman being exploited by perverted men, but more like me exploiting men's perversions and/or sexuality." "...performing ***** tease is a position of power"<br />
<br />
I thouroughly agree! I've always had something of a hard time seeing ***** or "Gentlemens" clubs as being enitrely exploitive of women. It always seemed like they played far more to men's weaknesses than womens.